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[Scammer community alert - Resu/EndlessLove] - 01/02/2018
Dear all,
This is a warning post about the Discord user:

This user has been caught creating various fake CyberHub staff Discord accounts in order to scam our partners and visitors.

As you can see, he's also actively trying to clone our site.
The fake site will be probably used for sell fake ADS.

As for our records he uses also to open and close sites scamming many people.
Know sites are goblinstresser .com and spoofing-hosting .com as active ones.

Here you can find more details about this scammer in order to find out if he's registred on your forum/site or in your contacts:
Alts: Resu, EndlessLove, johnny12356
Know sites: spoofing-hosting .com | SolarBooter .net | goblinstresser .com | xblbooter .org | WelcherBooter .com
Discord: (see the screenshot above)
Skype: live:farex.mother
Email: farex.mother@web.de - resusbackdoor55@gmail.com
Snapchat: eshisha3
Know IPs:

Here you can also find some more chats: https://i.imgur.com/MSBq35Q.png

Please, always make sure you are talking with a real CyberHub staff member.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
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