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[Marry XMas you everyone! Enjoy our special deals] - 16/12/2018

Christmas Sale is here! Enjoy 30% Off on all our products from December 17th until December 26th.

- This promotion is reserved to new customers or customers without an active banner from at least 2 weeks.
- The promotion is applicable over crypto payments only.

[Yudun dstats are back!] - 16/09/2018
Yudun dstat are back with us thanks of one of best supports BotFrank.
Enjoy it on the layer4 dstats page.

[Halloween sales are here!] - 28/10/2018

Howdy CyberHub community!
This year’s Halloween is coming.
To celebrate this spooky occasion, we are offering up to 30% discount on all of our ad/banners spots.

Interested? Contact us!

The offer is valid from 28rd October to 2nd November 2018.

* NOTE: This promotion is reserved to new customers or previous customers without an active ad from more than 2 weeks only.

[Scammer community alert - RedBase Stresser] - 25/06/2018
Dear all,
We are sorry for inform all of you that a fake and scamming stresser was actually advertised on our website:

The url of such website is Redbase .xyz .
The site was fake advertising their power (advertised at 75+ Gbps and really hitting not even 1 Mbps!) plus or scamming multiple people by selling fake software/services.
The site is actually runned by a know scammer named "Netrax" (or "TraxNet"), he has been caught multiple times scamming up to 5000$ over Nulled forums.
In the past was also running another scamming stresser named Delta-Stresser with the name of Mr.Unkn0wn.
Other (and current) know alts of Netrax might be "Genzai" or "Crowal", however expect new ones very soon.

Make sure of the trustworthiness of anyone before do any purchase

Here you can find more details about this scammer in order to find out if he's registred on your forum/site:
Alts: Netrax | TraxNet | Crowal | Genzai | Mr.Unkn0wn
Know sites: Redbase.xyz | Delta-Stresser.xyz Email: netrax@protonmail.com
Discord: Genzai#5687 | Crowal#5653 | Netrax#9160
IP: | | | | | | | | |

Sorry for any inconvenience.

[New NDA policy] - 1/06/2018
From today we introduce a new NDA policy for our Premium zones:

This rule is very important to us and its fair about all users that purchased a premium access.
If you are a premium user we suggest you to read it on our TOS.

The new policy its already effective.

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